Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Darkness with a small moon

Some people live in order to destroy. As long as this blog was unknown, it was left alone. Then one day it tired of silence and solitude and went out in the world. Its happiness lasted three days. The fourth it was filled by noise, extraneous interference. It had to erect a protective wall, activate moderation and erase 25 comments.

I am sorry. I did my best to be discreet, to write low key personal posts in order not to offend, not to provoke. I will try to continue, although now it is less fun.


candide said...

Again?! That's so sad. Didn't even have time to drop a "welcome back" note...

I really hope things get better, and this blog continues. On top of all, I was looking forward to invite my foreign friends, to whom I have talked about and with whom I have discussed with so many old posts. Back then I had to do the -very hard job- of translating (as best as I could). Now, they would be able to read the originals. In fact, I was even dreaming of finding here translations of some older texts.

Not fair...

Churchwarden said...

Υο Doodler, if you 're the Doodler, then who is the Dudeler?

Answer: Jeff Bridges, Big Lebowski, Cohen Brothers (if my spelling and my memory serves me right).

That's all I could think to cheer you up (and a childhood memory, of me reading Elytis' poem "Alfa Romeo" in Four Wheels magazine, sure of the fact that it's a poet, unknown to me, posting it).

You can't help it. It's in your nature.

ghost said...

Light gets value when compared to darkness. Beauty is greater when put side by side with ugliness. Sweetness is sweeter when tasted after bitterness. Good is best when compared to evil. Real love cannot be felt unless you tasted hatred. Life gets its meaning when you understand that there is death. Cleanliness has meaning only when oposed to dirt.

Don't be sorry D. This is life. A continuous strife between good and evil. Light and darkness. Just to prove that the real light comes within and the real love comes from true friends. So don't pay attention to the shadows. Light more light ... this should be your prerogative.

athanasia said...

We can still focus on a small moon.


Ηλεκτρολόγος said...


Moon is small when we watch it from earth.
But it’s big enough to light in the dark.

billie said...

Moon appears during the day,but we don't realise it,because it's full of light all around .It needs darkness and a particular place so that we see it fully..As for blog rules,I don't see why one should apologise for sustaining some basic ones in his/her own.This place seems to be what it declares to be,a place for "doodling",not for "blotting" or "high class painting".So,it can't exist with no fun either..

MainMenu said...

Since i never had the chance of meeting Dalai Lama i get some advice by the local drunkard:

Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
They re going to destroy
Our casual joys
We shall go on playing
Or find a new town

Jim Morisson

You have tried both i what's next?

annaf said...

why do you think you are such an important target for Vandals and near-criminal entinties on the web?

i know~ (the seemingly anti-greek articles and books of yours, are already enough to cause a passionate reaction)

since your view on greeks are anti-greek in order to be pro-humane, it is a mere problem of misunderstanding from their part...(which means they are either morons or they anti-humanity, in both cases i think we all feel sorry for them...)

im not any near the f church but in these moments the teachings of Jesus, otherwise foolish and naive, seem logical and 'deep': love alone, is all that is required for ppl to understand each other

see, if these ppl tried for a second to exercise a more loving attitude, they would come closer to you, and closer to whatever is bothering them about you

my point is, some people live in order to hate...

Anonymous said...

These stalkers are faithful dudes!!

I wish they would save their energy for something creative...

Aphrodite said...

In the freshly unpacked lust,
The Mister and his Missus.
He's my honey(drops)
I'm his moon(s).

Amidst the blackest dark
for some brief hours
we defy death.
A glorious race of swoon(s).