Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I do not believe in things that transcend the laws of nature, in events that belie logic, in paranormal happenings. But I always admire beauty when I encounter it. Beauty seems to transcend, invert and subvert chaos in nature. It is a revolution, an overturning. Even in a single flower. It amazes me.

This is a miracle.


neutrino said...

I thought seeing the impression of a miracle is the miracle itself.
But to see the real Nympheas, one must wander near ponds.

azrael said...

and because beauty is in the eye of the beholder , everything is potentially beautifull ergo everything is a miracle...

P.S. Im so happy I read your comments in Manos' blog!

Anonymous said...

" It's amazing

with a blink of the eye

u finally see the light "


( Aerosmith )

tam-tam-tam said...

Ever noticed that there is no animal or plant that is...ugly?I don't want to spoil the beautiful feeling here but it makes me wonder why ugliness is only a human property.I personally believe that there can't be such thing as an ugly human being(at least not by it's nature..).Ugliness to me is just one more abstracted,intellectual construction we've aquired and burdened ourselves with(so darn successfully!).
I look at that water lily and the petals and the whole...
When,how and for what reason could anyone dare to call any of them ugly?

doodler said...


I do not agree! I do not like crocodiles or iguanas, I do not find cockroaches or bats beautiful, and a hippopotamus (or a rhino) are fearful but not charming...

tam-tam-tam said...

haha...I didn't say they all seem beautiful to me,I said they are not ugly.Kind of like,they are perfect in their nature,in their pure existence.Unlike humans,who seldom seem to me beautiful in this way(including myself).I'm only trying to figure out what ugliness means..I didn't say I would fall in love with a rhino!

Anonymous said...

I was reading just last night:

"The flower or animal with symmetry is sending out a very clear signal of its generic superiority over its neighbours. That is why the animal world is populated by shapes that strive for perfect balance. Humans and animals are genetically programmed to look upon these shapes as beautiful- we are attracted to those animals whose genetic make-up is so superior that they can use energy to make symmetry."

Anonymous said...

Also, in the same book:

"The superiority of the symmetrical flower is reflected in a greater production of nectar, and that nectar has a higher sugar content. Symmetry tastes sweet!"

Some get it all...

And last but not least:

"Studies indicate that the more symmetrical among us are more likely to start having sex at an earlier age"

Did you know that?

There is also the "golden rule" the "Φ", a geometrical law in nature, that may affect our preferences and likes and dislikes, which could be even more fancinating, but it would take a lot of time to explain it...or you might already know about it anyway!

How can you not like iguanas?

athanasia said...

"But I always admire beauty when I encounter it".

When do we encounter it? Sometimes, we may look at a nymphea without seeing it. Why? We may be preoccumpied with our own thoughts. Or our perception of beauty may be restricted to what is already known (or still unknown) to us.

May be beauty is "a song in search of a voice that is silent". "Transcend, purify, glorious…"

Anonymous said...

Romantic small talk is nice (...?) but we long for the return of the

We want to see 800 comments again.

We want to score & win big.

seena said...

you believe its aesthetic beauty that subverts natural chaos, i believe its the good will of a single person out of millions, a rarely found good disposition towards everyone and everything, that stops and subverts the violent nature of the universe(aka chaos)

tam-tam-tam said...

Your point reaches me(to some point..),but I don't know why any violent nature of the universe as you call it,must be stoped.By violence you must not be referring to comets that hit planets or to the black holes sucking up everything on their way nor to the
universe expanding..Also,you can't be referring to natural fenomena such as the earthquakes or the cunamis or the floods(or any naturally caused incident we call physical destruction).Most possibly you are refering to the violent nature of animals while they are searching for food(not in refined,ennobled restaurants as we can do..) or while they are mating(not in a romantic way based on sex models as we can do..)How about human nature and it's violence?Especially the one that's not so obvious...The quietly,peacefully,meticulously structured violence which makes us nothing but ugly hypocrites.Maybe that's what ugliness is.As for what beauty is,there are extremely interesting conversations in here: that personally helped me a lot.In relation to the easter period(and seeing it more "doodlingly" than
"christianfully") I'd like to wish for the resurrection of beauty in all of us(symmetrical or not so)!
A non romantic symmetrical.

Aphrodite said...

"Beauty is the symbol of symbols." O.Wilde

(... stunned by merely pondering on it!)


"Beauty is a form of genius-
-is higher, indeed, than genius,
as it needs no explanation.

It is one of the great facts in the world like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in dark water of that silver shell we call the moon."
O. Wilde

I never met a miracle that wasn't beautiful and vise-versa.


Nature is full of little miracles, and as a whole it is the greatest miracle of them all: so much more than the actual sum of its parts!

Aphrodite said...

And just to snap out of it, a little joke:

The teacher asked the kids to use the word "beautiful" in a sentence. The kids said things like: "The sunset is beautiful with its rosy colours", "The flowers are beautiful coz they smell so nice" etc etc etc.

But Totos said: "Pregnancy is beautiful".

The teacher, a bit perplexed, asked him to elaborate. And then Totos said:

"Yesterday my 16-year old sister came home and announced she's pregnant. Everybody frose.

Till my dad said: "Beautiful, f***ing beautiful!"


Happy Easter, Happy Miracles everyone!

(Ok, let's start with tiny resurrections first and then we take it to the next level...)

doodler said...

Someone observed that this blog is not as successful and popular as others.

I am delighted!

I started it as a monologue - an exercise in solitude. Progressively it attracted some visitors and some (mostly high quality) comments. I think this balance is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Proper articulation & fancy expressions could be (mis)taken for elements of quality,but I prefer provocative,arousing,controversial comments on hot issues...

This blog has an aura of a mausoleum.It needs (re)vitalisation. It needs a

Dion.M. said...

I agree that the beauty of nature, in the spring, is a miracle, because it is resurrection after hibernation, and consequently the triumph of life.

Nevertheless beauty is a miracle and revolution itself. Miracle and revolution against the chaos and loneliness.

elias said...

My miracle happened two months ago, and now she smiles to me.

seena said...


yes i mean the comets the black holes which i do not distinguish from humans and animals, 'star substance' we are all

"The quietly,peacefully,meticulously structured violence which makes us nothing but ugly hypocrites." is a social form of violence and ppl resort to it because the law prohibits physical violence:/

flowers, good intentions in people, reminds existence demonstrates a powerfull softer 'sweet' side except the violent one.

tam-tam-tam said...


I think,it was Socrates who said something like...we can only truly UNDERSTAND ourselves and nothing "out" of ourselves.And then,after many centuries(in the 20th) a scientist came to prove him right (scientifically...) by revealing the principle of uncertainty in nature,which states actually that we can never define nature accurately because it puts us a border on it's own.I think that this principle alone,should have helped us realise that we only over-estimate ourselves by thinking that we can force nature to submission (under-estimating nature at the same time).The only thing that we can really understand is our own violence,what can you do about a comet?!But if one supresses his/her violence, without understanding why it exists,how can that help her/him become truly calm and deeply gentle as you 've described?Wouldn't that just lead to another form of hypocricy?


ok,let's take it step by step..An aphrodite should know something more :)