Monday, June 9, 2008

Golden boy

The sun was setting and filling everything with gold.

The little boy was tinkering, with a serious and decisive expression. I do not know what two planks and a fork stood for - maybe a car, or a spaceship.

Gold was all over the place. I hope he finds more in his life.


An-Lu said...

It seems to me that the boy is using the fork to remove the nail that keeps the planks together...practical thinking in action.
Still a golden moment...

Anonymous said...

A shining golden afternoon, another wonder taken for granted. What's gold in stock in comparison to a piece of time surrounded by a star's bright light? But then again, that piece will never be big enough... Our "wanting" seems to be a need itself.

athanasia said...

"Shelter for joy or mere content"... :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious that he is fixing his boat's steering wheel, after the pirates destroyed it, and looks forward to get to the treasure island!

The golden light comes from the beautiful mermaid he met a while ago..
She stands against the sun, so that it's reflection, manipulated through her fins, will show him the way!

Anyway, he looks like a lucky fellow to me!